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Default Yes winch with 16" was common

If you go through Greggs Fighting Vehicles Book you will see a number of winch equipped trucks on 10:50x16 tires. It appears that this was more common in the 11 and 12 Cabs. My 1941 C60L appears to have been equipped this way from the start.

This picture was taken just after I hauled it home a few years ago, you can also see in the background my 1942 Pattern 13 C60S and not that the Tow Hook in mounted on brackets under the frame.

As for the mixing of Ford and Chevy parts this was discussed at the CMP Seminar in 1984 by the guys who were there during the design and development. From what was said it was clear that there was and extremely high degree of cooperation between Ford And GM who ever could make the parts made the parts.
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