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Default Canada & Corowa 2009


This is something I've had in mind for a little while and which I broached up in Ottawa last weekend, receiving some interest.

In March 2009 - exact dates yet to be announced - KVE Inc will be hosting the 30th Anniversary edition of the Annual Corowa Swim-In, to take place at Corowa, NSW, Australia.

This show will also be Year of the Blitz II, which means more CMPs than you can shake a stick at! Plus all of the Ozian weirdos who hang around here for whatever ungodly reason, and way too many more...

This show has been covered here before of course, and you all know I was there for '07. It is the largest military vehicle exposition in the southern hemisphere and is truly a credit to all involved, whether they're organisers or participants. The show lasts for one week.

What I propose is this: that starting now, I put together a package which allows Canadians and Americans to get down there en masse, probably for a period of not less than three weeks. We would fly out of North America to leave enough time to get acclimatised to the Australian climate and way of life before moving down to Corowa as a group for the duration of the show.

At the conclusion of the show, the thinking at present is that participants might go their own ways throughout the continent, meeting back up a few days before the scheduled departure to compare notes and get organised for our return to the Real World.

I'm proposing that we organise under the MLU banner in order to get a good group rate. All associated arrangements would be handled through me. I presume you might want to take your wives with you, so I'm thinking double for any interested party - and the more we get the cheaper it will be.

All of this will have to be set up sooner rather than later, so what I want from you now is a tentative vote of interest. Talk about it with She Who Can't Be Argued With and see what you can come up with... but I'll need at least a passing commitment within the next one to two months. Once arrangements are being solidified, a substantial deposit will be required.

As things start to come together I'll make a big splash with this.

INCIDENTLY... it occurs to me as well that time timing might be right for our Yurrupeen counterparts to start thinking of the same thing, again under the MLU banner. We could have quite the delightedly disruptive impact upon Corowa, to make it a Show To Remember... how about it?

This is the first step - talk to your Household Six and start dreaming... hot weather, Australian beer and CMPs! Let us know here what you think.



PS: Forget about going out with Lara Bingle - she's spoken for...
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