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Originally Posted by Keith Webb View Post
Hey! I resemble that!

Seriously though what an excellent idea - I'm sure we'd all love to catch up with our mates from OS - we could also arrange some pertinent side trips to various museums - I'm thinking of places like Bandiana and Puckapunyal Army museums to start, then of course we could plan to take in a Temora Aviation Museum airshow too - there will probably be one around the week after the Corowa event.

Go for it, Jif & Co.
Except that I think they might need special permits to talk to the likes of you and Ian and so on... and of course we'd have to arrange a special briefing we might tentatively entitle "How to Avoid Salesman Bob" or "Evading the Infamous South Australian Border Raiders"... anyway, I'm sure with preparation this can all be worked out.

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