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Default Colours for C8?

I have a fresh question on colours and figured this old thread would be a good place to post it.
I'm going to restore my C8 this winter and am considering the colour possibilities. On a 1940 Cab 11 the factory colours were either light stone or khaki G3. On the G3 the disruptive MTP20 patterns were in a bronze green or a sort of slate grey but what were the options on a light stone truck in North Africa? All the pictures I've seen have the pattern in a kind of dark charcoal but that seems to be too much contrast and would lessen the camouflage effect. Were any other colours used?
The next possibilities occur when these trucks made their way into Europe. Here we get the dog turd brown with a darker brown MTP20 or MTP46 pattern. Any restored examples with this scheme seem to have the undercarriage and cab interior painted brown too. I can't see this happening since they just closed the doors and painted what they could get easily. This would make for a light stone or khaki interior, frame and suspension, and engine compartment with the rest of the truck two tone brown.
The next change went to OD but Gregg states that by 1944 the C8 was obsolete and not in use so that's ruled out.
I'd appreciate any comments and anything I've missed. I'm kind of partial to the light stone or brown just because most of the time green isn't camouflage in Saskatchewan!
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