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Here are a few pictures of the a frame that came with my C15a

You will notice the strange roller guides that do not seem to exist in the other pictures shown so far. The construction of the roller guide looks original and done in a manufacturing process....

This first picture I beleive shows the top 1/3 of the legs.....

..... Grant has already shown some pictures of the lower 1/3 of the legs..... my set is not complete.... it would seem that the middle 1/3 section was slightly undersized and would slipp in the top and bottom third and held in place with pins.....

very rusty.....

certainly very sturdy....

.... I tried to move this assembly by hand..... I owuld pity the poor guys who had to manhandle such a contraption..... it is heavy.

I safely moved it using the bucket on the tractor...... call me lazy!
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