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I have the same basic IR compressor setup on a CMP trailer chassis. I used to use it for idled for the majority of the time, kicking in maybe 1/3 of the time to top up the tank. The setup is very heavy (around 6000 pounds I believe) and also very thirsty. It would use a full jerry can of gas every 3 hours of run time.

I installed a 2 stage 7.5 hp electric compressor a few years ago in the shop, and run a hose over to the sandblast shed, so the old trailer has not been run up in a number of years now. I was just out to check on the engine a week back to make sure it would still turn over. There was no clapper on the exhaust pipe when I first got it, which had allowed the rain into the motor, seizing it slightly. Happy to report the clapper does it's job. While a tin can would also work, it is too easy to forget to re-install.
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