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There are two references to the use of Terrapins during the battle of the Scheldt in Terry Copp’s new book “Cinderella Army”

(p104) “Another related issue, logistical support for the men in the bridgehead, was the responsibility of the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, which was to establish and stock a Beach Maintenance Area. They were allotted thirty-eight light amphibious vehicles known as Terrapins, which were to be loaded 'in priority of landing' with ammunition, water, rations, rum, blankets, fuel, and flame-throwing fluid”.

(p108) “General Spry was now a very worried man. The northeast bridgehead was proving to be almost as difficult and costly as the Leopold. His first new plan was to employ the reserve brigade at the southeast corner of the pocket; he abandoned this idea after Algonquin patrols reported that most of 1037th Regiment was still holding its positions. He then decided to send 8th Brigade into the northeast bridgehead, even though this meant supporting two full brigades with a dwindling fleet of Buffaloes. The division's Commander Royal Canadian Army Service Corps came to the rescue, scrounging enough truck transport to deliver thirty-eight Terrapin light amphibious vehicles to a new marshalling area on the east side of the Braakman. The Paulina Polder, just two kilometres across the inlet, was quickly transformed into a supply dump, which was filled on a twice-daily basis.”
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