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Originally Posted by servicepub View Post
Thanks for all of these photos. The original request was for photos of specific items with which I could illustrate a book on the many vehicles used by the Cdn Army Overseas. That book (Tools of the Trade) was published in April 2005.

Any photos now posted on this thread are for the edification and enjoyment of the MLU'ers as I will not need them.

Many thanks.

Here's a photo of a Valentine Bridgelayer with a Ram Badger in the background, the comment with this photo is on the photo (demonstration by Bridgelayer).
As far as i know 5th. Can. Armd. Div. demonstrated their tools of the trade after the war ended, this photo was taken at the Ossenmarkt (Oxmarket) in Groningen.
The picture is scanned from a book called: 32 authentieke foto's van de bevrijding van Groningen (32 authentic photo's of the Groningen Liberation).
N.V. Foresta 1970 Groningen, no ISBN available.

Hope it's of any use, Cheers Ronald.

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