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Default 1944 A27M Cromwell MK IV Restoration

After following Ricks restoration (HMVF) and looking at his beauty (well I mean drooling and buying all of the lottery tickets I could), I had been trying to track down a project for a few years, when none were to be had, all of a sudden viola, multiple opportunities, Comets, Centaur, Charioteer, etc. so I put an offer in for a Charioteer, (Isle of Wight) so fingers crossed. So I have talked (bribed) Rick and Adrian from the UK into doing some of the restoration work on the new toy if it pans out. You can see Ricks beautiful restoration on HMVF. I don't have much history on it yet, except it was built in 1944, is a F hull and was converted and sold to the Jordanians and captured by the Israelis during the 6 day war. When we get into the blasting and cleaning hopefully we will find markings and census numbers and hopefully get some details and history. Yes it will be converted back into a Cromwell, so those that want it to stay a Charioteer will be upset, but I want it to go as an accessory to my 44 Humber Scout Car.
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