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In brief part of what is said above is correct, ie the "branding issue".

The conforming to current MTO standards is not.

We have had road registered and safetied for the "yellow" sticker both Bedfords with air over hydraulic and M818 and M35s. The "fitted at time of manufacture" is what is of concern to the mechanic who tests the vehicle.

I'm not going to spend all night citing chapter and verse but in my humble opinion if I was confronted with the MLVW problem I would go the route of having it inspected and faults rectified and the vehicle "rebuilt" and apply to have it licenced that route, as any chop shop does on any "branded" vehicle.

I would favour that route rather that head butting the esablishment any day.

It bears further investigation but that is the key.

I would have to look into it further but frankly I have enough headaches to satisfy myself to last a lifetime without sorting someone elses problem.

All I will say is that I have satisfied all the legal requirements to licence LEGALLY many vehicles and know the difference between what you need for the test performed by a mechanic vs what you need for the road. Let me assure you that there is a huge difference between the two.

Knowledge is power and trumps all.

I have had mechanics tell me that I need various items and know that if I am right I wont budge and show them the ssections that apply, if they are correct I rectiy the issue. I have never had a blind safety as some do and hold a class AZ drivers licence and drive under the conditions of a CVOR for many of our larger vehicles in the collection.

I think Eric Booth will agree to much of what I have posted.

Best regards and good luck

Robin Craig
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