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Default My C60S had a mix of 11:00 and 12:00

To your question about what size tires can be mounted on C60S or C60L CMP rims, I have been using 11:00x20 US Non Directionals for years on my CMPs and my 1942 C60S which came out of French NATO stocks had a mixture of tires on it including 2 original run flat tires and 2 Michelin one of these was a 11:00x20 and the other 12:00x20. Yes the truck did tend to go in a circle

I would as a question though, what is the width of your rims at the beads just to make sure that they are the same as the larger CMPs? They probably are but lets check.

The other is what is your under fender clearance looking like with your 9:00x20 tires. Check both vertical and wheel at lock to lock in turning. Also remember to consider in clearances at full spring compression on the bump stops, and one wheel up and one down. I think you may find that you will have a rub problem. Also be sure to check the clearances of the brake lines. My Chevy C60 needs the springs on the rubber brake hoses to insure that they do not touch the tires at full wheel turning lock and full rack of one up one down.

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