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Originally Posted by Keith Webb View Post
Please feel free to share images of original wiring both in situ on vehicles or new old stock if you are so fortunate.
Hi Keith,

Just to kick it off:

Not to be forgotten are the small harnesses on the light switch and Ignition/fuel gauge switch plates.

I have attached a photo of a NOS Ford CMP Ignition/Fuel gauge harness. It is complete minus the bullets. I unsweated the bullets to use on a new harness I made up as I do not trust 70 year old wiring.

The bullets going into the original switches were the more straight type as opposed to the rounded type that were used where it joins the main harness. One is still left on wire No. 45 at top of photo.

Of interest is that wire for the Autopulse (electric fuel pump). The switch plate it came off however did not have that switch fitted so it appears they may have included it in the harness at manufacture just in case.

Hope this is of some interest.

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