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Originally Posted by Bruce MacMillan View Post
The manual for the M152 lists it as p/n 351569. Haven't found any Z number yet. The coarse thread is for standard D rod aerials. Maybe re-using what they already had. For ground mount you want a quick disconnect.
The block is used to attach the wing box with the ATU to a Land Rover wing - as such it's inside the wheel arch (I think) and needs to be fairly (!) robust.

The coarse thread for the spike is so that it can be used with the ZA.5325 Antenna Rods 'D', Spike when you need to remote the aerial from the set.
(There would have been thousands of those available as they replaced the 34-FT Steel Vertical Aerial with the Mast, Telescopic, 27-FT.)

...Now that's irritating: I've just been and looked on the C11/R210 trolley and the block there only has two fixed lugs and a third screw-in one to clamp the block to the spike (the hole in the underside is not threaded for the spike).

....Further irritation: that's the later version (circa 1963) shown in Radio Installations in FFR 'B' Vehicles, where it is simply described as "the heavy clamping screw" and the corresponding base spike is mild steel and unthreaded. It must be listed somewhere else as part of the "Demountable ATU", but I have no idea where.

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