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Originally Posted by Bruce MacMillan View Post
In the EME manual L271 the threaded spike is driven into the ground. The ATU No 6 assy is placed on top and secured by tighting the captive locking screw.

I've spent the last 2 hours looking for the spike and block but no joy. I suspect a northern border raider might have absconded with it.
Guilty as charged m'Lud.

At least I suspect so, since it was in that pile of cables and stuff I bought along with your C11, some years back. (I still remember the last 30 minutes of that trip, in which the Satnav decided to _only_ direct us down 'C' roads and farm tracks.)

I'm sure I have the earlier type of block - with 4 fixed lugs - somewhere.

Spikes are fairly plentiful, blocks less so because nobody recognises them as radio related kit.

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