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Default Stuck Engine new solution

Hi All

Yes, I know we have had threads on this topic in the past, but to many results of search of MLU current and archive files to figure which would be best to bring back to life, hence a new/old topic.

How do you un-stick a stuck engine one that has been sitting for 34+ years. First I've been squirting the witches brew of acetone and ATF into the engine for a month to let it soak. (thanks to whoever posted that trick on MLU) I'd tried the normal simple stuff like car in high gear and winching it across the floor, tires just slide.

So I tried something new for me and it worked.

First step was making a 4" thick wooden plug just slightly smaller diameter than the bore of the engine, then mounting my biggest wheel puller on the engine so that it was pulling straight up and square to the head. Then with a large socket to spread the load on the wood plug. Slowly then turning in the screw, once it started moving I went to the impact wrench to drive the puller which seemed to work even better. It was then a process of moving from one cylinder to another start moving the pistons up and down the stroke. As I think about it probably should have used the firing order of the engine to so as to get a full revolution of the engine, instead of just moving the pistons up and down.

Added Information-

One point occurred to me later that I'm adding to this first post is pick a cylinder that is NOT at TDC. As I think about it the best ones to start with are ones that are about at half stroke so that you have more mechanical advantage on the crank. If you pick one that is all the way up the connecting rod is in line with the crank so all the force is in a straight line on the crank instead of trying to start rotation.

Has anybody tried something like this on a really stuck engine?

I'll try the firing order approach on the second engine, I've got to get them both moving so I can figure out which is the most logical one to rebuild.

For those of you that may have noticed no I'm not working on Chevy 6 cylinder, but rather a large flathead. From this winters project a 49 Lincoln. If you want a peak at that project I've just posted time lapse video of months worth of work compressed to 2 minutes.
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