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The manual would be great, but I won't have any of the Merc driveline left. I put in a 550 hp 460 hooked to a manual OD 4 speed trans and a narrowed 9.5 inch Ford rear end with a Detroit Locker. There's traction bars and 10 inch wide tires to try to put the power to the ground. It should be an interesting ride. My 21 year old daughter was the instigator for the project.
Those 335 cube Lincolns are pretty scarce these days, aren't they? The F8 never used them.
When unsticking a motor a good trick is to find a cylinder with the valves closed and screw the hose from a pressure washer into the spark plug hole. Squeeze the trigger and let 1000 psi do the work for you. There's no messy cleanup either.
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