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Default Pick cylinders that are NOT at TDC


One point I should have made in the first post is pick a cylinder that is NOT at TDC. As I think about it the best ones to start with are ones that are about at half stroke so that you have more mechanical advantage on the crank. If you pick one that is all the way up the connecting rod is in line with the crank so all the force is in a straight line on the crank instead of trying to start rotation.

(note I'm going to add this information to the first post)

Grant thanks for the lead on the engine and for the web site some interesting stuff. Hopefully with two complete engines I won't need a third.

Mike, I'll take some pictures of how I'm supporting the rear end of the engine on the test stand. This is the same engine stand that I use for the CMP Chevy engines

When I built the first of these stands I had in mine that it would hold the Chevy 6 or the Ford Flat Head.
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