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Default Accommodation

Ryan, I know many people who have not stayed at the Van Park for years and still enjoy Corowa. You can be pretty well assured that anywhere you stay at Corowa will have people from around the country who are there for the MV rally. Having said that, you will obviously venture into the Van Park a few times.
This year will include the Airfield as an additional area for campers, but be aware that obviously there will be no ön-site"vans to rent out.
Silly to state but I have already been asked if there was van accomm at the Airport.
If you decide to stay out there, it will be in tentage, or BYO van.
Me, I'll have a tarp off the side of the truck..........
Basically, there are no definate places to stay. It is like all these things, where ever you stay, you make your own fun, meet old (and new) friends, kick back and enjoy the time that is "Corowa".
Check the web or the yellow pages for a locality guide featuring accom.
And don't forget to visit the Army Museum Bandiana on your way to the AWM.
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