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Default Dieffenbunker M151A2


The M151A2 at the Diefenbunker is CFR 74-09723, SN 45109 , It was sold out of Montreal.

Thanks for the info Rob. Any chance of getting the missing pages for the second grill style? CF 19 Please

Ed is that CFR 74-09186, SN 43736 sold out of Chilliwack with the licence plate bracket on the windshield, converted from Electronics vehicle for VIP?

I have been following up from Clive's original CFR list with photos. Still working on M151 in Canadian Service book for Service Publications.

There was 1 Line M151A2 at Valcartier, no photos of it found yet.

Collecting data on the WW2 Canadian jeep and trailer.
Serial, WD Numbers etc.
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