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Default UIC records for militia vehicles.

Hello TW

I could be wrong, but I think the militia vehicles were not shown attached to the units. All of the Black Watch vehicles I had checked in the past just came back to CFB Montreal. My 30th Field trailer came back to CFB Ottawa. Other than the markings on it nothing in the file indicates 30th Field.

Or this just could be for areas that had a base.

We use to keep 3 vehicles in our compound and the rest were on the tarmac at St Hubert. Took my driver training at St Hubert/ Farnham and the streets of Montreal. Nothing like learning how to drive standard stopping and starting on a steep hill. (Guy Street)

If you need my grill cover to get one made up, I plan to go and do some work on it.

Your photos show the rollover kit was added after it was painted camouflage.

Collecting data on the WW2 Canadian jeep and trailer.
Serial, WD Numbers etc.
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