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Originally Posted by David_Hayward View Post
I wonder if the GI thought that the poor kangaroo was an Aussie rat?
And the M1 Carbine is on the Bonnet to "Suggest" that he didn't actually run into the Roo on the road!

There is an Urban Myth regarding some tourists who hit a Kangaroo on the road, and as this is the first kangaroo they have seen up close, they get out and pose with it for pictures. Goofing around, they set up some shots, first with the roo wearing a baseball cap, then some sunglasses, now a trendy coat, a bottle of scotch in it's pouch and a few dollar bills in it's paw, then add some bling with a few gold chains around it's neck and before you know it, the Kangaroo is better dressed than a Rap star on a night out. Great pics for the folks back home.

But the Kangaroo's not dead, just stunned, and it suddenly comes to and hops off into the bush with $$$$'s worth of kit!
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