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I spent some time today to sort out all the holes in the frame. Some are pretty crudely placed and are civil probably post-war, a few others I think are not factory, but maybe added later on by the army, maybe also postwar. The ones on the left seem to match up with side fuel tank mounts, while the holes on the right show a different layout.

I marked the holes that I think are not correct for my 1940 Cab 11 short box and want to weld them up. Is there anyone who can back this up, so I am not filling up holes I am not supposed to? I plan on measuring the hole size and location before welding anyway, but I rather not redrill the holes later on. I marked the holes that I think are not correct with some green wire.


1st pic: Left hand rail between cab and box
2nd pic: Right hand rail between cab and box
3rd pic: left hand rear
4th pic: right hand rear
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Chevrolet C8 cab 11 FFW
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