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@ Hanno. Thanks......Canadian Camp 2014?
Yes, Monty was quite interested.....not Patton, he was more interested in a mid-day nap.

@ Mike. Thanks Mike. I did indeed find the pins with a few suppliers, so that shouldn't be too much of a problem. Some other things prove to be more difficult, like rubbers for the shock links, the link itself and clips for the leaf springs.

Yesterday was an ideal day for spraypainting....warm, dry and only a little wind. I turned the frame upside down and found few spots that needed a little attention and a thin coat of primer, before I did another run of Khaki Green. I also managed to remove the rear axle with help of axle stands, a jack and a few straps. Somewhere this week I hope I can take off the rear springs. I recon next weekend will be spent cleaning up several parts and giving them a coat of primer.

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