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Default Poor misguided GIRL!

My first vehicle was a brand new little red wagon back in the late 1950's?

Seriously, and embarrassingly, my first vehicle was a 1985 Sunbird Station Wagon (yes, their lemon '85 Wagon year : ) which I paid $1500.oo for and got ripped off as the dealer literally lied to me about the milage and past accidents etc, and I was constantly repairing the damned thing $$$ ... but it got me a JOB, and the job killed the car less than one month after I put $1100.oo of work into it, all within a year. But how I loved having my first licence and my very first car ... in 1998!!! (late starter)

My little red wagon :love: lasted me much longer than my '85 Sunbird and it looked better too!

I should have started buying CMP parts and might have had a whole CMP by now!

Ma Yappy.
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