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Default Drive on Friday the 18th March

Howdy all,

Part of the events for Corowa, that KVE has planned, includes a drive out to an iconic Shearing Shed on North Tuppal Station.

The 'Shed' is located 30km's west of Tocumwal. Tim Scrivens and myself went and checked it out to meet the owners and to generally see whether it was worth checking out.

The answer is, very much yes..It is an astonishing structure and takes some time to have a good look at. The owners are going to give us a guided tour as well and explain its history.

Additional good news is despite all the rain, the roads are in excellent shape and it will be a pleasant trip. Should take us about 2 hours (By Blitz) to get there from Ball Caravan Park.

Estimated departure time 8:30 in the morning 10:30 arrival, check out shed till 12 - 12:30.

Just a heads up for anyone keen to see a piece of Australias great agricultural heritage while we're down that way for the week.
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