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Default private property impressed in time of need

The most ably informed member on this topic is our our MLU colleague Bob Bergeron.

I did a search of the Canadian National Defence Act for 'property' and got a number of responses, typically dealing with Her Majesty's belongings entrusted to the Canadian Forces, and things belonging to other people. Generally the language looked like, don't steal, don't waste and everything belongs to someone who we'll charge if it goes astray. A search for the word 'impress' had no returns.

But, going back to my earlier training, I am reminded of a scenario used in an aid to the civil power lecture. If 'martial law' was declared, which is worse than an emergency or invoking the War Measures Act, troops would be empowered to do whatever is necessary to achieve their mission. I do recall however, that 'martial law' no longer exists as a state in Canadian law. Under that misinterpretation, the story goes that a section of troops on an exercise were briefed that martial law had been declared and they needed to go somewhere to do something. The directing staff having previously antagonized the speaker spoke those words, so the speaker took the man at his word and promptly requisitioned his car, and drove off base with six grinning grubby grunts piled aboard, FN C1 rifles poking out the windows.

In 1988 the War Measures Act was replaced by the Emergencies Act. A search for the word 'impress' gave a nil response. There are five hits on the word 'property'. I believe your answer in a Canadian context is there.
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