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Originally Posted by David Dunlop View Post
I don't think much of that type of activity took place in Canada during the World War Two, with the notable exception of Japanese Canadians on the West Coast who lost everything.
I believe camp Ipperwash was taken from the Natives due to the neccessity of another training camp. After the war, it was not returned (nor paid for) which led to the native protests, including the shooting of Dudley George. It was eventually paid for in 2016 and control of the land returned.

In 1942 during World War II, the Government of Canada wanted reserve land from the Stoney Point Band to use as a base for military training and offered to buy it for $15 per acre. They also promised to return the land after the war ended. The Natives rejected the offer.
Under the War Measures Act, the federal government expropriated the lands from the Stoney Point Reserve and established Military Camp Ipperwash. The First Nations claim that the grounds contain a burial site. As of 2010, archaeological surveys have established that such a site does indeed exist.
More on it here:

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