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Originally Posted by Lang View Post
Nobody in Australia had anything "taken" nor were manufacturing facilities "seized".

I don't think there was any easy way the average joe on the street could put up a case if the Govt. wanted to impress your truck. It was probably an act of parliament that was enforced , maybe one of the emergency wartime acts .

Years ago I was talking to a chap at the Chevy parts place in Cheltenham. Col , the owner, ran the business from is home. Anyway an elderly bloke , the neighbour, was saying to me " I had my new 39 Chev truck taken from me and I wasn't happy about it " . I asked him if he got the truck back and he said " no never saw it again". He said "two guys came to my door and said we are taking your truck and that is it" .

I wish now, that I had queried him more about the money side of things e.g. did he get a fair price for the truck.

I bought this old wartime Victorian rego certificate at a swap meet . The ownership changes are interesting ! The Dept. of Defence owned this truck for a while, and Vic Drew who we all know of. Would this truck have had a ARN number while in the DD ownership ?
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