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Re guns


The buy back did not include empty brass but lots of people brought in ammunition (for which there was no payment).


It would be interesting to hear what hurdles the re-enactors have to jump in various countries to take their automatic weapons to shows.

Personally I find the Australian gun laws far less onerous than many European countries. Sure we can not have automatic weapons (unless you are a registered collector with very strong security storage arrangements) but it does not stop you owning 100 rifles and guns of all other types.

I am strongly in favour of our historical ban on handguns. I can see no reason, apart from pistol club for anyone to own one. They are a completely useless weapon for any form of hunting and the self defence argument is a crock. They are the perfect weapon for criminals, violent domestic arguments and road ragers. If you took the hand gun shootings (we all concentrate on the rare high profile automatic long-arm massacres) out of the picture, North American incidents would drop by over half.

So, despite our much criticized gun control and the fact there are still millions of weapons - legally and illegally - in private hands we have one of the lowest gun death rates in the world.

I would love to drive a Ferrari at 250kph everywhere but accept that I can still get there in my pick-up at the speed limit and not kill someone along the way or be killed by someone else in a Ferrari.

Likewise I would love to go out and empty a magazine on full auto or plink away with a handgun. But I am happy to still be able to shoot pigs just as well without some nutter pulling a handgun on me because he has it in his glove compartment or pocket when I give him the finger as he cuts me off in traffic.

My opinion and others have theirs.

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