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Originally Posted by chris vickery View Post
Hanno, as I passed on to Geoff a couple years ago I will pass on to you...
I am willing to undertake the fundraising effort towards MLU through sales of T shirts and hats at various mv events here in Ontario Canada as well as online sales... I am even willing to front the costs of such endeavours and only ask a 50/50 split on profits to cover my investment and time to do so.
All I need is the OK...
I post this here as an open message to all who enjoy and view MLU.

As discussed in the past, I think that trying to serve the global MLU community from a central point is not going to work. Having shirts, caps, mugs, CMP repro parts, dashboards and WHY, shipped from e.g. Holland to Canada is not worth the hassle and cost. Much better to source these accoutrements close to where they are sold. Saves on transportation costs and allows adjustment fo local taste and sizes.

So, in principle I am fine with MLU members using our logos as long as it is done to promote this website and its values and part of the profit is used for the upkeep of this website. Contact me to make arrangements, please.

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