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The weather changed lately and the part of the rear axle that was exposed to the rain started showing light rust quite quickly, right through the primer I was pretty disappointed in the quality of the primer I am using, so I decided to test another brand. I had to clean up the rest of the axle anyway, so I only needed to find the time to do so.

The "blocks" used to secure the axle to the springs proved to be very difficult to remove. The two halves are only secured with two slotted screws but I was only able to save broke and I had to sacrifice two other to get everything undone. I am hoping I can still save the thread in the block itself, so I will be having another go at removing the stumps.

You might notice that I left the remains of the brake cable in position. Obviously these need replacing, but I plan to do this when the axle is fitted to the freshly painted chassis. I decided that now was a good time to clean up and paint as much of the axle as possible in the back of the I keep the chassis and carport area as clean as possible. I will rebuild the brakes and fit new cables in the front of the yard.

I also removed the front axle in the meantime, which was not too hard after I had already loosened all fasteners a few weeks ago.

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