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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your reply and kind comments...I am really having fun with the restoration so far!

Your explanation of the white blackout blob sounds plausible. My truck came from Canada about ten years ago, and that is probably the first time it left the country. might not have had the diff painted white originally because it was not necessary to drive it in convoy under blackout conditions in Canada at the time. But.....I do want to restore my truck as a truck that would have seen action in the Western Europe, so that's where the question on the diff comes from.

I can't fully agree on your comment of the white diff and light beng a field mod; If you look at Clive's Factory photos CD you will see that a lot of the Chevs left the factory with a white painted 13, but also cab 11 and 12. Unfortunately the C8 pictures show the rear lid in open condition, so there it no way of seeing the diff.... Confusing!

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