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Good to see there's interest in it... my aim is to not only show what goes where but also to show as far as possible what things looked like when new.

As an example how many know the speedo cable on a Ford CMP should be secured by a clip on one of the rear valley cover bolts on the engine?

The condition most people find a CMP these days is far from original so having some sort of guide I think will be really helpful which is why it's great to see the likes of experts such as Phil Waterman chiming in.

Just on that note Phil - probably the best way to photographically document your pinboards (which I think are an excellent idea) is to carefully take a series of photographs with the camera on a tripod, moving it a measured distance each time so there is overlap to allow the photos to be stitched together. Don't use a wide angle lens because the distortion makes it difficult to align things. You can then create a panorama which can be scaled to show the whole thing or zoom into details as needed.

Just had a look at your page on wiring which is just the sort of thing we need to let everyone know is available, fantastic work. We spend so much time reinventing the wheel! I will concentrate on doing the Ford version of this.

There are of course places such as Vintage Wiring Harness here who make new versions and say they have patterns to make harnesses for Ford and Chevrolet CMPs. I've seen the wires which are a modern, safe sort of facsimile of the originals.

Your point about the voltage cut out rather than proper fusing or breaker is a good one and I think something like that should be incorporated, hidden behind the dash.
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