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I don't think we should be getting excited about our instruments.

A CPM reading of at least 100 is considered a warning level by the Radiation Network, although the length of time you’re exposed to the radiation is an important factor. If you’re concerned about staying within safe radiation levels, Ken Jorgustin explains on the Modern Survival Blog that it would take 432 days at a CPM of 100 to up your chance of getting cancer to odds of 1 in 1,000.

In other words you would have to have an instrument strapped to your chest 24 hours a day for months or years just to increase your cancer risk by a tiny fraction above the general community every day radiation exposure. Nearly all foods and certainly water have measurable radiation as do most other things we come in daily contact. All these are mainly natural and very tiny readings but time being a huge factor shows the human body can exist nicely at constant low radiation levels.


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