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Default A few pics of pintle hook mounts I have seen.

The first two are similar to the ones in Phil's pic of a 1941 C60L.
The side brackets are bent plate that bolt to the side chassis rails and to a cross member. There are 4 bolts in a square pattern each side.

The next pic is fitted to a C15A and the brackets fit snugly inside the chassis rails, much as in Max's pic, and also Grant and Bob's pic. - I will check again whether this pair are cast or fabricated. There are 4 bolts each side in a tapered trapezoid shape each side.
(Note this chassis has extensions welded to the ends)

The last set are fitted to a Marmon Herrington (and seen on the Irish CDSW Morris) with 4 bolts to each bracket to the rear cross member.

Rod's pics clearly show the under slung hook brackets. these have 3 bolts in a horizontal line on each side.

Now from all this, I see that the chassis rails require different bolt patterns, so it makes me think that these brackets are model specific and early /late production versions as related in the posts above.

I have not pictured the C8AX pintle which has a fabricated frame underslung below the chassis, and the hook is mounted to a plate on a shaft with a coil spring.
This seems to be a NZ designed fitting, perhaps based on US practice? GMC and CMP vehicles were coming into the country at this time.
The C8AX has a much lighter frame than the GMC, though the coil spring, collars and shaft have similar dimensions, but the spring is round section vs square section on the GMC.

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