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Default Lynn

I tried that but got no joy there, so a bit of self help instead!

The parts books for the C60L-01 and F60L-01 gave a clue:

The Chev uses a Ford hook assembly C01Q5151, same as the F60L (It has a Chev part number:- 1798952 too)

The brackets for the chassis have chev part numbers too, and there is also a buffer plate if a winch is fitted.

The Ford uses the same hook assembly, with a DND1021 number.

Now there are two different brackets for the chassis:-
C01Q-5181 which was attached outside of and below the frame channel [old design] also numbered 1798812

or C391Q 5181 attached inside of and on same level as frame channel [latest design]

So I deduce that it was a change in production perhaps to reduce weight and cost??

Can anyone with a F60S or F30 parts book please check the parts numbers and compare?
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