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Default Partial answer, what hook mount for what truck

Note that this is only claimed to be for Chevs, I don't have sources for Ford Info.

The Chevrolet Illustrated Army Parts Catalogue dated January 1941 lists Bracket, Towing Attachment #1798813 and 814 (left and right respectively) for the C15 (only) and 1798811 and 812 for C15A, C30, C60S and C60L. All of the preceding are secured by 5 bolts for each of the left and right sides. None of these apply to the CGT. The CGT has a listing for Plate, Drawbar Spring Buffer (left and right) which might be the equivalent parts (possibly the bent stock seen in photos of Gun Tractors being assembled?). No Towing equipment is listed in this book for C8.

The Chevrolet Illustrated Spare Parts List for the C15A dated May 1945 (C15A-04) lists 1798811 and 812 as "(not used after serial no. 284--40742 except with wireless body) (used with water tank)". Again 5 securing bolts are listed for each side. Bracket, Towing Attachment #5816810 and 811 are listed as "(after serial no. 284--40742) (not used with Wireless Body or Water Tank)". These brackets are listed as being secured with 4 bolts each side. Based on the numbers cast into my brackets these are the cast brackets that locate the spring within the frame rails. My brackets are secured by 4 bolts each side.

Now for the things I still don't know and hope others can add:
C15 - what was different compared to the other frames
Early style C15A to C60L style brackets - can we confirm that they were the below frame cast style?
Wireless Bodies - Gin Palace style, converted GS style, or both? And why did wireless bodies stay with the earlier style tow attachment brackets?
Water Tank body - why did they stay with the early style braclets? Interference with the dispensing taps or other body parts?
Other capacity frames than C15A - did the changeover happen at about the same time (1942 contract year?) or did it in fact happen at all?
CGT - did they ever switch to the cast brackets of either style or stay with the "Plate, Drawbar Spring Buffer"
Ford - can parallels be drawn to Chev practice? These all look like Chev part numbers to me but the actual hook assembly looks to have a Ford number C01Q5151.

After all the rebuilds and field adaptations it may be hard to tell.
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