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Default How about a simple approach

If you have spare axle knuckle assemblies why not just take one set brakes drum and all just remove the balls and inner axle.

When I first had my HUP 30+ years ago I did drive it around this way for awhile but quickly found that the HUP with no weight in the back had very limited of road capability. So I put inner shafts and balls back in. To long ago remember if it really made any difference in speed or fuel economy. Though from number of CMP conversions to just rear wheel drive it must be a practical solution.

Then you can just grease up crate and save the fully functional assemblies if you ever want to go back to front wheel drive.

This is my back up plan if I ever break a front axle shaft. The outer axle shaft that holds the drum on can be relatively easily machined up. While the ball assembly of the knuckle is much more difficult to produce.

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