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Just a warning to anyone using the parts list that was once posted on my website. Double check EVERYTHING, basically that list isn't worth the paper it is printed on . I recieved most of those seal numbers and descriptions etc... from individuals that supposidly used them on their vehicles. Well I would hate to see the oil leaks they have !!!! Once I tried ordering some seals using those numbers I realized that they where incorrect. Lets face it guys when it comes to seals take the old ones out, take them to the auto parts store and they can get you new ones, its not rocket science, they are available. Or as we have done get a Chicago Rawhide catalogue and take measurements yourself then order the right part. Until I have ordered and installed a part on my CMP I will not be listing the numbers, there is wayyy to much incorrect info floating around on the net, I don't want to add to it. Thats why the list was removed some time ago. So make sure you double check things when the parts arrive. Just a heads up, so it saves someone having to backtrack !!!
By the way thumbs up to those trying to create a list, as I attempted to do. Just make sure the part #'s can be confirmed by 2 or three individuals who have actually USED the part not just looked it up. That will cut down on the list I am sure ,but it will save someone some grief !!!

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