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Peter, if the Lynx is as common to the Ford cmp as I think, the wheel cylinders are an of the shelf item. I will look around to see if I can find my cross reference to the modern numbers. I also have the master cylinder number as well if it is the same. Does the Lynx use a Hydroboost?
I found when I did the first CMP truck which was a Ford that many parts were still available as they were common off the shelf items when the War broke out, borrowed from their civilian predecessors.
I found though to research the crossover parts that I needed to go to an old time auto parts store where they actually still use catalogs and not computers to check. The catalogs will show pictures with sizes etc of the components. If memory serves, the Ford CMP brake system was listed under 2 ton commercial truck 1940s-50s.
I also found Mac's Antique Auto in NY to be quite helpful as well.
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