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Originally Posted by RichCam View Post
Hello Mike,

Measured with vernier calipers - tube outer diameter - 26.9mm - so I would say it is 27mm.
Upon closer inspection, other than being a bit bent, it is an authentic superstructure.

Let me know if there is anything else that you need.

Regards, Richard
Many thanks . That is good news , I can buy 26.9mm gal pipe here , it is a standard size . These days gal. fittings are becoming a little scarce , the plumbers seem to use a lot of plastic pipes and fittings .

Some details. My C8 as found had the parking lights inside the main headlights , a small bulb in the reflector shell. And, a glass rear window in the cab top.

I would like to find out how a Canadian bodied Cab 11 C8 ended up here in Aust. Maybe it was a pattern vehicle for a possible Aust. version ? Would it have been shipped direct from Canada ? I believe they shipped out a single 15 cwt Canadian wireless house type vehicle as a pattern for the Aust. wireless van
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