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Originally Posted by Pete Ashby View Post
Mike didn't you guy's take some vehicles back home from N Africa at the end of the campaign ?. If I remember correctly these were issued by the British to Australian forces in theater.
I thought there was some discussion about this on the forum some years ago ?


Yes but this particular C8 is a odd ball because all of the other C8's found over here so far, all of them as far as I know, were fitted with British Duple bodies. As an example ,my first C8 a Duple cab 12 had a British Z reg number on the cowl. see the pic

The cab 11 C8 is a May 1940 date as far as I have worked out ( possibly the earliest in Aust. ) , it does not fit in with the much later cab 12's that sem to have arrived here as a batch.
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