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Default I think mice have it in for my family

Hi All

I've been getting much entertainment from the responses. I forgot to mention that I think mice have it in for my family, My daughter and her husband have had two Hondas that the mice liked to chew on the wiring doing several thousand dollars to the cars.

Years ago the mice took out the clutch on my HUP they built a nest on top of the throw out bearing, when I pushed in the clutch to start the engine the nest was thrown out by the spining. The nesting material lodge in the pivot point of the spring disk and the clutch would not engage. It was pull the transmission look at the pressure plate assembly, the problem was very obvious disassemble the pressure plate and put the whole thing back in.

One of my old methods was to just leave old antifreeze jugs with just a little old antifreeze laying on there sides with no cap. Worked pretty well but not sure if it is any more environmentally friendly than Decon. Beginning to think along the lines of peanut butter on some 220 volt contacts. But probably have to redo the peanut butter after each grilled mouse.

Cheers Phil
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