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When looking for tyres for my HUP I went to John Grey and purchased 5 new 900 x 16 bar grips. Anyone who has seen my vehicle, might remember that it had 3 CMP rims and 1 Morris rim. There are obvious differences with these rims and getting the old tyres off of the Morris rims proved to be a right pain and in the end I burnt them off, where as, with the CMP rims, the tyres were less of a problem. Putting the 900 x 16 back on wasn't a problem as long as the surfaces were clean and I used lots of tyre lubricant. The tyres were well lubricated before assembly then the wheels were assembled, with new flaps and again well lubricated, then the tyres blown up to 60 PSI. The CMP rims, the tyre bead popped into place at this pressure, with the Morris rims it took a little more pressure but they too popped on.

The pictures below are of both type of rim.

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