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Hello all,

The rear box and the beam across the rear are part from the 4ft deep water fording kit.
When fully installed, 2 stacks were mounted on top of the square flanges and these would extend above the waterlevel so the engine cooling air could flow out.
On the air inlet grill a similar stack was installed.

All 12th Manitoba Dragoon Staghounds were fitted with these kits in England in May1944.
This meant a couple of days work.
12MD had a dry landing on 8/9 July 44 in the St Croix sur Mer area and the vehicles were dewaterproofed the next two days.
The rear box stayed in place on many 12MD Stags as these were difficult to remove in the field (welded on the car).
Also, the box prevented dust being kicked up by the cooling air which normally expells downwards on the road.
The mesh guard is a field modification to prevent things
dropping in the box and becoming out of reach.

For Nick: Do you mean TM9-741?
I have that.
A digital version on CD can be found regularly on ebay (not my salesware).
There is evidence of a wartime Operators Manual but I never saw that.

Best regards,

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