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Originally Posted by Chris Suslowicz View Post
It could very well be an early Wireless Set No.1, the box behind it looks like the primary battery box (which supplied the HT to the set), and the aerial base is an early one with the 'disk' watershed fitted. The aerial rods are certainly the early 5/8-in ones that were longer (and magnesium alloy) than the later 'D' rods.

Pity we can't turn the monitor round for a look at the other side to confirm it.


A link to the W.S. No. 1 manual

Ross J. in N.Z. has a working W.S. No.1 in his collection, he mentioned it is a excellent performer in receive mode.

Pinched from this web site

"This photo c/o Sgt .Colin Wagener shows Adelaide's only British No.1.set in 1938 in use at Woodside. Colin is in the photo. This shows the Class 'c' wavemeter in use-British version. VERY similar to the 101 and Aust Class 'c' wavemeter copied by A.W.A. for the 1941 production lines. Colin is on the internet and may be contacted from here" INT-no-1-1938.gif (237359 bytes)

I do know of a local chap here who has the box or case for one main part ( receiver I think ) of a pre WW2 'Ack' or 'Charlie' set.
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