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Default Didn't find the e-mail address in the message

Originally Posted by servicepub View Post
Hi Phil,
Thnx for sending these along. I am actually loking for hi-res images (300DPI) suitable for press. You are right that the MLU limit works against this so I included my personal e-mail addy.
What you sent is exactly what I am looking for. Many know that I am working on a CMP book (Drive to Victory) this has reached 350 pages and will be illustrated with over 600 photos. The data plate images will be used in a chapter on vehicle/body/cab/chassis codes.
Hi Clive

Didn't find any e-mail address accept the "sales" one. I have Hi-Res of both data plates if you would like me to send them. Also do you want pictures of the trucks as well. The HUP is in original while the C60S has what should be called "locally built cargo tray" and "locally added radio box"

Cheers Phil
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