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Default Corowa Threads moved to Corowa Forum

Hi Folks,

On Geoff's say so I've started moving Corowa related threads from the rest of the forum into the Corowa specific forum. I did a search for "Corowa in the TITLEs of threads" and worked from there, leaving any that are in the BUY and SELL, and some in the other forums (like Softskins etc) area where they were. I did leave a redirect for any I did move, where the threads originally came from

If I moved any threads that should not have been moved, and someone notices, please give a heads up so it can be "put back from whence it came" ... likewise for any Corowa related threads that I missed because "Corowa" was not in the threads "Title".

Thank you folks.

And by the way ... it's interesting to see all of the Corowa threads from past years, and many are totally new to me as I didn't start hanging out in other forums than History and Sargeants Mess until I'd been here for some time ... so I missed them. It's fun to look at them now.

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