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After listening to the tapes of the KVE meeting on 26th May, I can verify there was discussion of having the tracked vehicles at the caravan park and not at the airport, and John Arnott (who was a committee member at this stage) officially sent out a letter after this meeting to inform Carrier owners of the discussions which took place referring to no tracked vehicles being in the caravan park.

Communication is an important factor when organizing events; as a long-term organiser of this event and now Secretary of KVE, I would like to see all involved working together with the clear objective to make Corowa 08 the best Swim-In to-date. To ensure this, everyone must have a clear understanding of just what the situation is at any given time, without intimidation. Let us just move on from here and do what has to be done.

With this in mind, if anyone is interested in assisting with organising this event please email me and I will pass you an application to join KVE.

The gathering at Corowa on Sunday 14th October at 1pm is open to all participants, whether members or not.

Jan Thompson
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Jan Thompson
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