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Default Re: M-H GT

Originally posted by Tony Smith
Cliff, when I dropped in at the Kingaroy collection last year, there were about 6 or so M-H 4x4's and 6x6's still there. None had the "Roadster" cab of the Gun Tractors, but they were Marmon Herringtons just the same. Could some still be there?

One problem for the modeller is the same as for the restorer, the Marmon-Herrington's ran 10.50-18 tyres. Not the same as 15cwt blitz and not the same as a 60cwt or FAT!
Tony it must have been more then a year ago as on my first visit on 9 Sept 2002 the M/H fords were all gone. In fact the last of them had just being loaded as we arrived and as the load was tarped I did not see them at all.

I will be measuring a Standard 3 ton 4 X 2 for the front sheetmetal and the rest will be scaled off Photos and drawings. The wheels are not a problem if you are scratch building as everything is made by hand anyway so the wheels will be too.

Thanks for your reply.
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